Shout® Advanced Stain-Lifting Foam

Shout® Advanced Stain-Lifting Foam

Grease, Be Gone!

Shout® Advanced Stain-Lifting Foam is specially formulated to remove tough, greasy stains like machine oil, greasy food and spaghetti sauce.


  • Three powerful stain-fighting ingredients formulated to treat tough, greasy stains.
  • Foaming action lifts and removes stains from clothing.
  • Safe for all colorfast washables.
  • Works in all water temperatures.


  • Water
  • Propellants
    • Butane
    • Isobutane
    • Propane
  • Cleaning Agents
    • Ethoxylated Alcohol
    • Tetradec-1-ene
    • Builders
      • Sodium Borate
      • Sodium Citrate
    • Corrosion Inhibitor
      • Diammonium Phosphate
    • Preservative
    • Fragrance


Shout Stain Lab – Food Grease

When your shirt magically becomes your napkin, stains happen. No worries, a little help from our stain lab and Shout Advanced Stain-Lifting Foam will have food grease as good as gone. Be sure to check out Shout's Stain Solver at for easy solutions to all your tough stains.