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Solve Mildew Stains At Home

We’ll admit it. Shout® products aren’t always the answer, but when they aren’t, we’ll always tell you what is.

  • Step 1. Treat the stain by laundering with detergent in the warmest water indicated on the garment label. Add bleach if the garment label indicates the item is bleachable.
  • Step 2. If the stain remains, sponge it with a paste of lemon juice and salt.
  • Step 3. Have patience. Leave the paste on the stain for 15 minutes.
  • Step 4. Wash your stained clothing in the warmest water your item recommends.

Shout® Pro Tip. Drying clothes in the sun may also help to bleach out the mildew stain.

Shout® Warning. A mildew stain may be permanent, and it can also weaken fibers to leave a hole. It’s a sad side of the stain-solving business. We hope the steps above will pull you through.

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Solve Mildew Stains On the Go

You’d be hard-pressed ever getting this stain on the go, let alone needing an on the go solution. Try solving this stain at home instead.

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